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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
KAUST is a science and technology university offering graduate programs to male and female students on a brand new, no expense spared campus close to Jeddah. The official language of KAUST is English and are no tuition fees ... seriously.



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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

The first mixed-gender university in Saudi Arabia, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a culturally progressive institution in the city of Thuwal that’s rich (literally) in innovation and high technology. With approaching 1,000 enrolled students from around the world, this new university continues to thrive and foster an open, academic atmosphere as it works through its growing pains and the difficulties of introducing a predominately Western, progressive culture in a highly conservative, Middle Eastern land.

It is understandable that one may experience trepidation when considering pursuing an education at KAUST – religious traditions in Saudi Arabia are in stark contrast to those in the West. Women are required to wear an abaya and often cover their heads in public, and, generally, have markedly fewer rights than their male counterparts. However, life on the sharia-free KAUST campus is much different – religious police do not patrol the campus, women are allowed to mix with men freely and are not required to wear the traditional abaya or cover their heads with cloth, and generally enjoy the rights they have in Western societies. Overall, students at KAUST lead a liberal, Western lifestyle (aside from drinking alcohol, which is not allowed). With that said, though – once a female student passes beyond the gates of KAUST into town, she is in violation of Saudi law if she is not wearing an abaya.

All that notwithstanding, KAUST offers many fine opportunities for the academically-minded, culturally inquisitive grad student. Offering a Master of Science degree (18 months) and a PhD program (3-4 years), studies are offered in 11 fields organized across three academic divisions – chemical and life sciences and engineering, mathematical and computer sciences and engineering, and physical sciences and engineering. With a massive amount of funding coming from the king himself, KAUST’s facilities are said to be the most advanced in the Middle East, if not the world. 


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    Tuition fees are zero at KAUST. Students get return airfares and may qualify for housing benefits and stipends.

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King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
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  • Maria Ly is quite literally a Rock Star. You’ll often find her hanging off a 5.13a grade rock climbing route, she is the rock star co-founder of Skimble (which is incubated by Rock Health), and you can find her rock formation photography featured in Outside Magazine.

  • March 13, 1988 was the day we moved to America. Although it wasn't my first time in the country, that date was the beginning of my journey through the American school system. Those eleven years filled me with a lifetime of great memories.

  • Mayank is an inventor and zebra-enthusiast. He developed Stripespotter, a biological barcode scanner for zebras, and is a part of the team behind Facebook insights. By way of India to Oman to the US, Mayank can be found behind the wheel of a red Porsche dreaming up his next big idea.


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  • Want a chance to win an iPad 3? All you have to do is sign up for StudentRoads and you will be automatically entered. It is that easy!

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